5 Signs You’re Ready for a Website Redesign

Apr 15, 2020

What worked for your website when you first started might not work as your business grows. Think about how much your business has changed in the last five years.

And websites? Let’s just say a lot can happen in the same time.

Heck, responsive websites were a “trend” back in 2015 with the rise of the iPhone a few years earlier, but it wasn’t until the following year that smartphones became the number one way people browsed the web.

Over the years, you might’ve expanded your business services, but haven’t made those changes to your website. Maybe you even rocked a text-heavy layout, cramming as much information on a page as possible because hey, back then more people were browsing the internet on a laptop or computer than on smartphones.

But the time’s are a-changin’ in the digital world. Are you keeping up?

It’s probably time for a website redesign when…

Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

Searching for information is as easy as googling it on your smartphone. Besides, smartphones and tablets are the new computers these days, making them the most used devices for online searches. But if your website isn’t mobile friendly, visitors are stuck with a mini-sized version of your website – pinching, zooming and scrolling all over the place trying to find information they’ll probably give up on looking for.

With a bad mobile experience, people are less likely to return to your website, meaning you’re missing out on traffic and leads. Make it easy for people to find the information they need quickly with a website that’s viewable on all screen sizes and focuses on presenting content in a readable way. Plus, it’s 2020 so your website should be responsive by now. But that’s ok! That’s what I’m here for.

Your website doesn’t match your business personality

Your website’s the first thing people will see when they search for your business online, so why not make a good first impression? Every business has a unique personality and this is what makes you stand out from competitors, gives your business a face online and attracts the right people. It defines who you are as a business and has the power to create emotional connections with your customers.

So, what’s your business personality? Are you classy and formal? Professional, yet funny? Whatever your business represents, write your copy and design your website around it. Blending words to create your brand voice and designing visual elements to match your business personality gives people another reason to choose you over the competition. Because let’s be real, if your website looks better than your competitors, people will make a positive judgement that you put more value into the quality of your services or products, too.

You’re not getting the inquiries or calls you want

Are people visiting your website, but just not converting? Whether you’re not getting the right kinds of inquiries or aren’t getting at all, a strategic website redesign will educate and persuade visitors to make decisions that ultimately lead to conversions. But if each page doesn’t have a purpose or if your messaging isn’t compelling enough and calls-to-action nonexistent, then you’ll see a decline in the amount of leads you’re getting.

When visitors land on your website, what’s the main thing you want them to do? Make a purchase? Become a member? Search for information? Sign up for your mailing list? Whatever it is, I’ll help you align your business goals with your potential customers’ needs and design a website with them in mind.

You can’t update your own website content easily

Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress makes it easy for people who aren’t tech savvy to make quick changes to their website. No need to mess around with code or reach out to your web developer for every time you want to edit an existing page, add a picture or update copy. Your website should be built to grow with you as your business expands and what you do with your website shouldn’t be limited by what your CMS is capable of.

For those who’d rather leave the techy stuff to someone else (like me!) and focus on the fun stuff (like running your business), I offer WordPress hosting and support to monitor, maintain and update your website on a regular basis. You don’t have to worry about adding new content, plugin updates or fixing a broken site – things you might get stuck with if you’re maintaining your own website.

You don’t remember the last time you redesigned your website

If your website’s looking like a throwback to 1999, then it’s definitely time for a redesign. You don’t want a website that’s visually outdated. Your website visitors won’t click around for too long if it’s visually unappealing and hard to navigate. Truth is, can you really convince potential customers to work with you if your website’s giving off an entirely different vibe? Nope, not really.

So, is it time to redesign your business website?

It’s recommended to redesign your website every 3-5 years to stay relevant (and make minor tweaks in between), but if you’re running into any of these issues I’ve mentioned, then yes, it’s time.

Redesigning a website is a big investment for small businesses, but by assessing your website’s biggest challenges and taking the time to evaluate how you can improve your online presence, you’ll create a better user experience for the right people you want to attract. If you’re overwhelmed about where to even start, let’s talk and get the conversation started.

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Hi, I'm Kat

Hi, I'm Kat

I’m a web designer and mad strategist from Hawaii, but most importantly, I like mixing clear messaging, good design and an even better user experience to help small businesses infuse their personalities into a profitable online presence.

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