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Jul 8, 2020

Popping into a Zoom video call these past few months is something you’ve probably done a lot of and if you’re a business consultant, coach or service provider that bills for meetings and calls, what would it look like to implement video calls into your small business workflow?

Sure, you could play email tag trying to find a time that works for both of you to meet, then following up with a Zoom invite.

But imagine managing all of your meetings and calls – and heck, even invoicing – all in one place. Send out a link to people to book a time with you whenever you have an opening and have it sync with your personal calendars to avoid double booking a time slot.

Well, that’s exactly what MeetFox does! It’s like Calendly’s appointment scheduler, Zoom’s video capabilities and a simple invoicing software rolled into one convenient platform.

Just so you know, I’ll make a commission if you make a purchase using my affiliate links. I only recommend tools and services that I personally use and think will add value to your own business. MeetFox’s one of them, so go check ’em out!

What I Love About MeetFox

All-in-one scheduling, video calls and even invoicing
Skip the back and forth emails and forget using different software for different purposes when you can have it all in one place. You can also charge clients per meeting right when they book or invoice them automatically after the call with Stripe integration.

Customization options
Change the colors on your booking page (actually, it’s just the lines above your services) and confirmation emails to match your brand, redirect to a custom page after a meeting’s booked or even use an external video call link like Zoom if you don’t want to use MeetFox’s. You can also set the event type to be a phone call, video call or an in-person meeting and have different availability for different services.

Unlimited service offerings
MeetFox gives you no limit on how many services you can create on your booking page – even on their free plan. So go ahead, list all of your different offers!

No need to download any software
MeetFox conducts it’s calls in-browser, meaning joining a video call is as easy as clicking a link. This makes it super easy for your clients or customers since there’s no need to sign up for an account or download any software.

Start instant video calls with a shareable link
Whenever you want to jump on a call without having to book a time in your calendar, you can do it with private meeting rooms where people can easily join via email or a shareable link.

Add a widget to your website
Not only do you get a custom booking link, you can embed your booking calendar right into your website or as a pop-up button or floating button widget like this:

What I Think Could Be Improved

Additional features add up
Although it’s more of a negative than something that can be improved, MeetFox’s power-ups – which are additional features ranging between $5 to $20 per feature, per month – can add to your business expenses quickly. Power-ups include groups calls of up to 16 people, custom domain names (CNAME) and call recordings.

No custom backgrounds
What fun is it when you don’t have the convenience of hiding your messy room? But don’t worry, MeetFox knows how important backgrounds are for video calls so it’s one of many features coming soon on their product roadmap.

MeetFox Alternatives

If you’re working with little to no budget, you can bootstrap your scheduling automation with these free tools:

  • Calendly for call scheduling which is free for one event type
  • Zoom for video calls which is free for unlimited one-on-one meetings up to 40 minutes

Then, manually send out an invoice with your preferred vendor or with one of these free invoicing options (transaction fees may apply):

So, how much does it cost?

The free plan is limited to 3 calls per month, then $11 per month up to 20 calls per month. Overall, I highly recommend MeetFox if you bill for your meetings and calls and if you want to streamline and automate your scheduling process.

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Hi, I'm Kat

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